Hybrid Assembly

Design to Robotic Proiduction Studio

DIA & TUD parallel studios

Dessau, Bauhaus 


Hybrid Assembly is organised in collaboration with Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA) and will involve two workshops organised at TUD and DIA, respectively, at which students from both institution will participate. Design to Robotic Produciton focuses on linking design to materialisation by integrating all functionalities (from structural strength, to thermal insulation and climate control) in the design of building components. This is implemented by employing novel multi-performative design to prodocution strategies. New materials are developed for the robotic production of multi-material building components and novel robotic production and assembly tools are deployed for testing the blueprint of future robotic building.


Studio led by Sina Mostafavi at DIA in parallel to TUD Design to Robotic Produciton Studio.

Full info coming soon.

Hybrid Assembly Design to Robotic Produciton Studio,
DIA, Dessau + TUD, Delft
led by Sina Mostafavi and Henriette Bier

Workshop production support: Yu Chou Chiang

Initial workshop setup assistants: Marco Gali, Benjamin Kemper, Daniel Fischer, Olav van der Doorn

12-14 July 2017 / from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m./ Wurm Expo, Bauhausstrase, Dessau