100 Year Bauhaus Pavilion

Design to Robotic Production and Assembly of 100 year Bauhaus Pavilion

1st year + 2nd Year thesis research studio at Dessau Instittue of Architecture 

With Collaborative workshops at TU Delft

Studio Master & Project Leader: Sina Mostafavi

DIA, M.Arch students: Design Studio: Hossam Badr, Kamal Amgad Mohamed, Amro Hamead, Shazwan Mazlan, Valmir Kastrati, Mohamed Mansour, Gulfia Kutlakmetova ,Md. Mushfique Ahsan, Adib Khaeez, Maged Elbanna, Jason Hage, Kyanoush Bitarafan, Yaseen Abdelaziz Jabr, Queena Ler Mei Hui, Karsimran Singh, Juan Antonio Herrera Gonzalez, Vidhya Trinity Venugopal, Tania Sabrina Ortiz Ramírez

DIA/TUD tutors: Sina Mostafavi & Henriette Bier / Structural design consultant: Yu Chou Chiang / Supports: Carl Buchmann, Vera Lazlo, Mary Ann Berendson

Institutes: Dessau Institute of Architecture & Delft University of Technology

Supports: Carl Buchmann

Design to Robotic Production and Assembly of 100 year Bauhaus Pavilion is an architectural design studio at DIA in collaboration with TU Delft. In this semester the goal is to design and produce proof of concept for the 100 years Bauhaus Pavilion using robotic production and assembly. The course will consist of design to robotic production and assembly workshops. Design-to-Robotic-Production focuses on the integration of advanced computational design with robotic techniques in order to produce performance driven architectural formations. This implies that design is directly linked to building production and operation. The studio encourages students to question conventional design processes in order to creatively challenge the interplay between contemporary culture, science, and technology, and their relation to architecture.

100 Year Bauhaus Pavilion Design to Robotic Production Studio

Dessau International Graduate School of Architecture

8 February 2018 / from 1 a.m. to 6 p.m./ Prototype and Poster Exhibtion, Bauhausstrase Building 5, Dessau