HYBRID CHAIR, Het Nieuwe Instituut

The Common Inn_NAi _2019

Exhibtion of work and video 

Sina Mostafavi, Benjamin N. Kemper & Daniel L. Fischer


The “HYBRID CHAIR – Multimode Robotic Materialization” project explores and discusses the implementation of multimode, subtractive-additive, robotic production methods. The HYBRID CHAIR by Sina Mostafavi, Benjamin N. Kemper, Daniel L. Fischer presents a customized computational design to robotic fabrication workflow of a material system composed of subtractively produced expanded polystyrene and additively manufactured silicone. The integration of these two sets of production methods allows for a symbiosis of hard and soft materials.

This project and the lecture demonstrates the design, computation, materialization, and robotic prototyping process of project with multiple materials in more detail.


Research Paper:
Mostafavi S. ¹-², Kemper B.N. ¹ , Fischer D.L. ¹(2019) Multimode Robotic Materialization. In: Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2018. ROBARCH 2018. Springer.

¹TU Delft & ²Dessau Institute of Architecture
Springer Link:


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Hybrid Chair at Het Nieuwe Instituut

Exhibtion of work and video

Project by Sina Mostafavi, Benjamin Kemper, Daniel Fischer

18 April  2019 / from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m./ Exhibtion at NAi (Het Nieuwe Instituut), Museumpark 25, Rotterdam

Exhibition Poster From Common Inn. Graphic design Gilles de Brock, 2019.