SOFTSTONE 2A continental award at IAAC Barcelona

Winner project in Commercial – Office and Business

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SOFTSTONE winner of 2A continental award at IAAC Barcelon, in Commercial – Office and Business

Among 437 projects from Erope and Asia in 7 categories, SOFTSTONE receives the 2nd place award of the 2A Europe and Asia Continental Awards in the category of Commercial – Office and Business

Sina Mostafavi received the award in October 26th, 2018, IAAC, Institute of Advanced Architecture, Barcelona

Broad Objectives of the Award 
The 2018 2A Continental Architectural Award was an open award for anyone in the national or international architectural community who had designed or built a project in Asia and Europe during or after the year 2010. The award announcement was published broadly in numerous architecture publications and other media outlets in order to invite individuals or groups to participate.
The theme of this year’s award was “Innovative Contextual Architecture in Asia and Europe”. Accordingly, the Award recognized an individual or group’s substantial contribution to today’s architecture in Asia in terms of contemporary challenges in the field and region, which had a lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture.
2A Magazine, the organizer of the award, has always emphasized on unique regional distinctions, rather than global modernism in architecture and the associated extinction of cultural identity. Accordingly, this award provided a context for recognizing and highlighting the essence of architectural identity in Asia and Europe beside presenting it to an international audience.
The international architectural award takes place every year to encourage and celebrate European and Asian accomplishments in the architectural arena and foster an architectural discussion among worldwide architects and artists. IAAC, as the main academic partner, was in charge of hosting the final ceremony on 26th October and organized its Interaction Forum under the theme of Innovative Contextual Architecture.
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SOFTSTONE winner of 2A continental award at IAAC Barcelon, in Commercial – Office and Business

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26 October 2018 / 3 p.m. to 9 p.m./ Cermony Event, Exhibtion, IAAC Barcelona