Concrete Branching

Fibre Reinforced Concrete Casted in Robotcially Produced Complex Formworks

Concrete prototyping at Hybrid assembly, design to robotic production studio, a design research project on structurally optimized material systems, with an emphasis on integration of associative modelling, computation, and robotic fabrication processes. The prototype is casted in fibre reinforced concrete only  to determine the ranges of producible dimensions of fibre reinforced concrete to be casted in a two-part formwork.


Coordinator and Tutors at DIA: Sina Mostafavi
Institution: Dessau Institude of Architecture at Bauhaus in Collaboration with TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

DIA students: Mohamed Moharram – Hossam Elbrrashi – Mahmoud Meligy
MSc2 TUD students at Joint workshops: Chong Du – Jihong Duan – Floris van Buren


Date: 2017