Hybrid Cork

Flexible Cork on Hard Volumetic Building Profile

Prototype Design of Echosphere proejct


The hybrid of flexible porous cork and hard polystyrene showcases a one-to-one prototype, which is a vertical section part of an indoor stage structure with sound absorption capacities. The project focuses on the integration of two different materials by using two distinct methods of subtractive robotic manufacturing. The materials used are rigid cork boards, with a thickness of 30 mm, and blocks of high-density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). 

The three-dimensional robotic treatment of the cork boards allows for the adaption and controlling of the physical material behaviour of the cork boards and consequently creates a hybrid system from the two different materials. The change in bending behaviour is achieved through introducing three-dimensional notches on both sides the cork boards. The varying depth and width of the milled pattern on the cork boards results in a double-curved surface, which fits onto the allocated areas of the pre-milled EPS structure. The semi-closed double-curved porous cork allows the sound waves to penetrate the structure, while the hard closed EPS valleys lock the waves into the cavity until they abate.



Prototype Design to Robotic Production Team: Sina Mostafavi, Benjamin Kemper, Daniel Fischer, Olav Van Der Doorn, Anneloes Kattemolle
D2RP Research and studio Coordinator: Sina Mostafavi
Institution: TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Hyperbody Group
MSc2 Students: Benjamin Kemper, Daniel Fischer, Olav Van Der Doorn, Anneloes Kattemolle


Date: 2016