I-Y Branching Structure

Robotic Hotwire Cutting of I-Y Topologies


Y- I ” branching prototype at Hybrid Assembly, Design to robotic production studio. Exploiting the constraints and potentialities of ruled based topologis, differentiation at multiple levels allows for materialization of multi-dimensional twisting and bending. Variation in the directionality of the embedded joints in each “Y-I” element controls the Degree of the Freedom of each component in the structure.



DIA studio Tutors: Sina Mostafavi
Design to Robotic Production Research and Development: Sina Mostafavi, Yu Chou Chiang
Joint DIA & TUD Studio Coordinators: Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier

Institution: Dessau Institute of Architecture 
MSc2 students: Nikhil Kowshik – Dylan Deguzman – Saurabh Prasadi


Date: 2017