Robotic Light Printing

Multi-Colored Controlled Light Deposition

Design research: Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier, Ana Maria Anton, Serban Bodea

HD Photos: Hans De Jonge

Date: 2014


Multi-colored light robotic 3D printing involves mounting a color changing light source on the robotic arm. This project addresses the connection established between motion and information extracted from the virtual 3D model. The study of robotic motion defines the boundaries of the digital design-space in relation to the physical solution-space. This informs the parametric setup with ranges of reachability and optimized orientations. It also contributes to being able to maximize the overall space used. In addition, by numerically controlling the on-off light pattern and light colors the goal was to extend design possibilities in such a way that multiple materials can be deposited at certain coordination based on the information extracted from the virtual 3D geometry. As the first step, any given curve, in digital, is reproduced, in physical, with multi-colored light curves captured by means of long exposure-time photography.