Informed Porous Assembly

Multi Directional Robotic Milling and Distributed Assembly


The aim of the Design Research workshop is to design a complete performative structure with various degrees of enclosure from semi- and completely open to enclosed . The structure consists of materially informed components, whereas materially informed components are addressing requirements with respect to functional, structural, and thermal insulation performances. The workshop advances design-­to-­robotic-production (D2RP) methods with the aim to explore performative hybridity at different scales, ranging from micro levels, as material systems, to macro levels as spatial and architectural configurations. From Design Computation Point of view, the goal is to develop and implement a performance driven design system with multiple environmental, structural and production potentialities and constraints data sets. In the case of this prototype various material  distribution and thickness variation techniques were developed and tested to create an informed porous architectural system.



Tutors: Sina Mostafavi Henriette Bier, Ana Anton
Studio Coordinators: Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier

Institution: TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Hyperbody Group, AE+T
MSc2 students: alph Cloot, Arwin Hidding


Date: 2015