Robotic 3D printing on Freeform Surfaces

Ceramic Robotic 3D printing

The ceramic robotic printing explores possibilities of production of 3D printed building parts and establishes a production method where all parameters are calibrated for the developed physical set-up. The team designed an extruder connected to an end-effector mounted on the head of a robotic arm, where the material source was exterior to the robotic arm in order to maximize the freedom of movement, in order to achieve an optimum multi-dimensional material-architecture. Initial experiments range from simple layer-by-layer material deposition to study material flow to 3D dimensional printing on doubly curved surfaces.

Design and Research and Development:

Sina Mostafavi, Ana Anton, Serban Bodea in Hyperbody TU Delft.

Project: Robotically Driven Construction of Buildings

Sponsors and organizations: TU Delft, Hyperbody Group at BK City, 4TU, 100% Research BK, ABB Benelux

Date: 2013-14


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