Robotic Painting of Material Architecture

Robotic Painting and Experimental Toolpath Generation


As part of the second set of preliminary studies, the robotic pattern project focuses on drawing geometric patterns that explore variation in densities and resolutions to reach the desired porosity. This informed the design of robotically controlled routines for material deposition to reach a functionally graded structure. The established parametric system, derived from these experiments, involved size of the overall shape, thickness of nozzle for material deposition, number of targets to describe the robotic motion and the method of approaching defined targets.


Informed Robotic 3D printing: Sina Mostafavi, Ana Anton, Serban Bodea / Robotic Painting in INDESEM 2015: Sina Mostafavi, Ana Anton, Serban Bodea, Matteo Baldassari / Robotic Panting in V2 Gallery: Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier, Ana Anton, Serban Bodea, Matteo Baldassari and MSc2 students 2015


Date: 2013-15