Voxel Fields

Design Studio Workshops

MSc3, Hyperbody, TU Delft


Date: Fall 2011
Coordinator and tutor: Sina Mostafavi, Nimish Biloria
Students: Ignacio Basterrechea, Leander Rispens, Ferdi Zoet, Mohammed Al-Khalili, James Yapi, Sabrina Verhage, Lieke Kraan


Voxel-field is a computational design and parametric modelling workshop as a part of a design studio in TU Delft. The goal was to develop sets of methods based on various voxelization or discretization techniques. Sorting the voxels according to the individual and collective neighbouring conditions, searching in the voxel field using the genetic algorithm and clustering the voxels according to image-based input were among some of the methods which were developed and applied.