Multiple Interdisciplinary, Architectural Robotics and Graduation projects of DARS studio projects in Next to Bauhaus 2

Mostafavi, S. et al. (2020), Nine selected Architectural Design and Robotic Production DARS studio projects “Next to Bauhaus 2 – Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Book Edited by Matthias Hohne and Natascha Meuser, Dessauer Schule. Dessau School of Architecture


From the book abstract: “The Bauhaus centenary might be over, but the Bauhaus tradition persists. This is clearly shown in the Dessau School of Architecture’s new annual Next to Bauhaus 2. The second volume of documentation on the research and teachings by the Faculty of Architecture, Facility Management and Spatial Information of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences provides an overview of the work and legacy of lecturers and students of the Dessau campus and conveys the idea of a “New Bauhaus” with academic aspirations and a clear commitment to the great example that has previously been set.”



Next to Bauhaus, 100 Years Bauhaus, Bauhaus Pavilion, Audi, Adaptive City Car, Bio Plastic Robotic Materialization, DARS graduation studio



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