Continuous Variation / Scalable Porosity

More images and descriptions coming soon.

Robotic Design To Production Continous Variation Studio Studio_Fall 2014
Part of Robotic Building(RB) Project / Robotic 3D Printing
Project leaders: Henriette Bier, Sina Mostafavi
Research & Continuous Variation Workshops: Sina Mostafavi, Ana Maria Anton, Serban Bodea
MSc 3 Coordinators and tutors: Kas Oosterhuis, Henriette Bier, Nimish Biloria, Vera Laszlo
MSc 3 students: Marco Galli, Perry Low, Oana Anghelache, Berend Raaphorst, Guus Mostart, Hans de Jonge, J.M. van Lith, Kasper Siderius, Michal Kornecki, Mohammad Jooshesh, Jan Paclt, Radoslaw Flis, Rob Wilhelmus, Christiaan Moors, Rutger Roodt, Steph Kanters, Ruth Hoogenraad, Stef Hoeijmakers, Thijs IJperlaan
Supports and Sponsorship: 3TU.Bouw, DRI (Delft Robotic Institute), 1005 Research Office of BK, ABB, AE+T Department of TU Delft, Movie By: Oculus Film
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@Construction Week


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