Robotic 3D-Printing

The ceramic robotic printing explores possibilities of production of 3D printed building parts and establishes a production method where all parameters are calibrated for the developed physical set-up. The team designed an extruder connected to an end-effector mounted on the head of a robotic arm, where the material source was exterior to the robotic arm in order to maximize the freedom of movement, in order to achieve an optimum multi-dimensional material-architecture. Initial experiments ranges from simple layer-by-layer material deposition to study material flow to 3D dimensional printing on doubly curved surfaces Considering the fact that natural materials are not fully predictable several material properties like plasticity, viscosity, flow rate and short-term material behavior were investigated and documented at different robot-motion speeds in order to provide complete information sets for the next prototyping phase.

A project sponsored  Spnosored by 3TU.Bouw, Delft Robotic Institute, 100% Research Office of BK and ABB

By Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier,  Serban Bodea, Ana-maria Anton @ Hyperbody Group of TU Delft

Date: Winter, Spring & Summer 2014


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