INDESEM 2015, workshop



The workshop focuses on applying design-to-robotic-production (D2RP) methods developed by the RB team to the design of an urban interface between the water and the building on the assigned site (Fenix Dock). Programmatic use of the urban interface will be defined in relationship to local urban analysis, global societal challenges, and D2P constraints with the aim to explore hybridity, variation, and componentiality at different scales, ranging from micro levels, as material systems, to macro levels as spatial and architectural configurations.

Soon with more Info and images.

Coordinators: Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier Workshop Tutors: Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier,  Ana Maria Anton, Serban Bodea, and Matteo Baldassari Workshop Assistants: Marco Galli, Jeroen van Lith, Mohammad Jooshesh, Vasiliki Koliaki, and MSc2 D2RP Spring 2015 studio supported by the Robotic Building group with one KUKA robot and by ABB and KUKA of Benelux  © Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier, RB team


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