10 Nov –  2016: Lecture @ Game Set Match 3 Symposium: Sina Mostafavi, Ana Anton and Serban Bodea

@ TU Delft


7 Sep 2016: Invited Lecture, at Tehran_CRAFT,  Architectural Robotic Matters

@ University of Tehran

24 Aug 2016: Co-Founding TRAM studio_ Tehran Robotic Architectural Matters

@ TRAM studio

21 Jun 2016: Invited Talk at KNAW next generation architecture day, Amsterdam Royal Institude of Knowledge 

@ KNAW, Amsterdam


20 Jun 2016: Invited Keynote on Architectural Robotics or Design Factories 

@ AA visiting School of Istanbul


2 May – 30 Jun 2016: Tutoring and coordinating Topological Assemblage D2RP workshop and studio 

@ TU Delft


13 Apr 2016: Invited talk  at 3rd Digital Knowledge Study Day, Robots and/or Architecture at Beaux-Arts 

@ Paris-Malaquais


19 Mar 2016: Rob|Arch presentation of Springer’s paper , Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design, Australia

@ University Sydney


26 Nov 19 Dec 2015: Exhibition of Design to Robotic Production Studio Prototypes at synthetic exhibition in France

@ Le Mans & Lille

Le Mans Exhibtion_Sina Mostafaiv_TU Delft_Design to Robotic Production 2

16-30 Nov 2105: Tutoring and coordinating  ex2025 Rotterdam Design to Robotic Production workshop 

@ TU Delft

21 Oct 2105:Invited talk on Creative Applications of D2RP systems 

@ Dutch Design Week 2105 Eindhoven 


2-22 Oct 2105: Project poster exhibited at ACADIA 2015, Informed Robotic 3D Printing

@ University of Cincinnati

ACADIA2015_Computational Ecologies

16 Sep 2015: Paper Presentation at eCAADe 2015-Realtime, extending the reach of computation 

@ TU Vienna


8 Sep 2015: Invited talk at KCAP, Kees Christiaanse architects&planners on future of architectural practices 

@ KCAP-Rotterdam/Zurich


15-16 Aug 2015: Tutoring and coordinating Robotic Building workshop at Int. Association for Shell&Spatial Structures 

@ IASS-Amsterdam


2-4 July 2015: Exhibiting prototypes of the D2RP studio V2 Gallery, Institute for the Unstable Media 

@ V2 Rotterdam


2 July 2015:Lecture and robotic action at V2 Gallery, Institute for the Unstable Media 

@ V2 Rotterdam

Robotic Action @ V2 gallery of Rotterdam

2 June 2015:
Invited talk at Re.Craft,  Int. Design Symposium



2 June 2015: panel session of Robotic Building at Int. Design Symposium


INDESEM Robotic Building panel Session

1-5 June 2015: Tutoring, coordinating Design to Robotic Production workshop & Jury of Re.Craft Int. Design Symposium


INDESEM Design To Robotic Production Studio Setup_Sina Mostafavi

19-22 May 2015: Tutoring & coordinating Multimode Robotic Production Workshops MSc2 students

@ Hyperbody / Delft


18 May-2015:
 Exhibition of Robotic 3D printing prototype at innovation and Technology Conference 

@ Rotterdam

3TU_world Trade Center Exhibtion_Conference

21 Apr-2015:
 Interviewed by Delta magazine on Materially Informed Design to Robotic Production Project 

@ Delft Science Center

TU Delta

26 Mar-2015: Lecture at RoboCafe organized by RB(Robotic Building Team ) and DRI (Delft Robotic Institute) 

@ TU Delft / DRI


16-27 Mar-2015:
Tutoring and leading the Hybridity / Variation / Componentiality D2RP MSC2 Studio 

@ TU Delft

14 Mar_2015:
Setting the HRL Lab Science Center with ABB and KUKA robotic arms 

@ Delft Science Center

11 Feb_2015:
 Giving Lecture at GEVEL Theater Hal at Construction week on Robotic 3D Printing 

@ Utrecht 


09-13 Feb_2015: Exhibiting the Robotic3Dprinting Prototypes at Weekvandebouw, Construction Week 

@ Utrecht 

Material Xperience_Sina Mostafavi

06 Feb_2015: Publishing at News paper of  3TU.Bouw at week van de Bouw, 2014 Projects 

@ Utrecht 

3TU_newspaper_Robotically Driven Construction of The Building_Robotic Building_Sina Mostafavi2

1 Jan_2015: Lecturing at Light house project review session with TU Eindhoven and Civil Eng. Dept. of Delft 

@ Hyperbody / Delft

3TU_Review lecture Session_Sina Mostafavi

5 Jan_2015: Presenting the Robotic Building Project for ABB Global New Application Manager

@ TU Delft 

12 Dec_2014:
 Invited Talk at Algorithms and Actualization Symposium 

@ Architectural Association, AA London

AA_Algorithms& Actualisation_Sina Mostafavi

28 Nov_2014:
 Coordinating and Lecturing, Informed Generative Systems Workshop

@ TU Delft 


4 Nov_2014: 
Presenting a paper for the Critical and Clinical Cartographies conference 

@ 3C Int. Conf. in TU Delft

10 Nov_2014: Presenting the result of 3TU project at Faculty of architecture, Structural design 

@ TU Eindhoven


04 Nov_2014:
 Presenting at 6D Robots Symposium

@ 3ME and Aerospace faculties of TU Delft

28 Oct_2014:
Co-tutoring a  robotic milling workshop and Lecturing at digital fabrication course 

USC School of Architecture,LA

20 Oct_2014:
 Publishing a paper a paper on acadia 2014 proceedings

@ ACADIA 2014 in USC School of Architecture, LA

ACADIA2015_Paper Publication

13 Oct_2014:
Tutoring and coordinating ABB master classes with ABB of Benelux

@ TU Delft

06 Oct_2014:
Leading and tutoring the Continuous Variation Robotic MSc3 Studio 

@ Hyperbody / Delft

Continous Variation Workshop_SinaMostafavi

20 Sep_2014:
Giving online Lecture for Fab Lab Design workshop 

@ University of Tehran

15 Sep_2014:
 Receving fund for Robotic Building Project Sponsored by 3TU.Bouw, DRI, 100% Research BK, AE+T & ABB

@ TU Delft

Robotic Building Sponsorship Logos

08 Sep_2014:
Publishing and presenting a paper 

@ eCAADe 2014 in New Castle


28 Aug_2014: Setting ABBIRB140  Robotic arm for HRL (Hyperbody Robotic Lab) 

@ Hyperbody / Delft

20 Jul_2014: project researcher in Robotic Building project funded by 3TU.Bouw

@ TU Delft & TU Eindhoven

3TU_light House Project fund

14-18 May_2014:
Attending Workshops and Conference

@ RobArch 2014 in Michigan & Carnegie Mellon University

23 Apr_2014: 
Presenting and Publishing a paper in Architectural Ecologies 

@ EMCSR 2014 in TU Wien

Architectural Ecologies_EMCSR

First stage design of Number 52 office Building Project finished & construction  started 

@ Tehran

04 Feb_2014:
Final Critic of CECO, climatic Ecologies, Studio, MSc Graduation projects 

@ TU Delft

18 Sep_2014:
Publishing and Presenting a peper

@ eCAADe 2013  in TU Delft

Computation & Performance_eCAADe2013

16 Sep_2013:
Coordinating and tutoring Robotic Workshop for eCAADe 2013 

@ RDM campus Rotterdam

08 Sep_2013:
Coordinating and tutoring the CECO, Climatic Ecologies, MSc3 studio

@ Hyperbody / Delft

15 Dec_2012:
Commissioned as architect in charge for design & construction supervision of the Number 52 office Project

@ Tehran

Number 52, Design and Construction Project_Sina Mostafavi_Site